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dark side of the moon [art masterpost]

dark side of the moon [art masterpost]
challenge: deancasbigbang
title: dark side of the moon [aO3 link]
author: imogenbynight
artist: thimblings
media: Photoshop CS6
rating (art): PG
warnings: (contain slight spoilers for the story, possibly)

artist note: i loved this story a lot a lot a lot, and cass is great and fantastic and honestly the whole experience was very enjoyable ;;

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Awwwww, so pretty (⌒▽⌒)

(Deleted comment)
Wow, really gorgeous artwork! All of the pieces are wonderful and it's obvious you put a lot to work into them. It was definitely time well spent. I particularly adore the black & white story cover--Dean looks so small and alone. Thanks so much for sharing. :)


Wow, I love all of these! The one that gets me the most is the top one where Dean is all alone, so small looking up at a vast,empty sky. It just represents to me how alone and scared he felt in the story. Love the way you did the pics of the outside on the moon in black and white and the others in color. Just a neat contrast. Wonderful art! The pics really contributed to the emotions in the story.

Your artwork is beautiful and conveys so much emotion. That top one though, the utter feeling of alone-ness is overwhelming and I tear up every time I look at it because Dean is such a little person looking into such a vast space realizing just how alone he is. The "can you hear me?" just does me in. The black and white just adds to the lonely feeling.

In the picture of Dean in his bed while the shadows crawl down the wall, you can just see the tension in his shoulders and how hard he's trying to fight the visions. I just feel so much for Dean when I'm looking at these pics. It's heartbreaking.

The picture of Dean's face when they first touch down is so adorable. He just looks wide-eyed and amazed. I love the little freckles.

Love the picture of the kiss in zero gravity. The colors you've chosen for the non-black and white pics are beautiful.

Your artwork helps so much to add to the feeling of the story and that first one is what drew me to read it in the first place.

Your art is absolutely stunning. ♥ Each piece is gorgeous, but the last two are my favourite.

The picture where Dean is curled up on the bed fighting visions, with the shadows closing in, is haunting. There is such a profound aloneness in it that really conveys the tone of the story.

You've managed to convey such tenderness and longing in the picture of their kiss.

Really, really beautiful illustrations of this great fic!


User deancasbbmod referenced to your post from 2013 MASTER LIST - BIGBANG (PART ONE) saying: [...] Art Link: here [...]

Hi! I really enjoy your work, generally speaking (love the doodles with disappearing people!), and I think the work you did for DCBB was excellent. I recced this art in particular here: http://rocksalt-recs.livejournal.com/262542.html

Saw this recd on rocksalt recs and am glad I came over to check this out. I really love the nightmare picture with the shadowy hands, really menacing and spooky! The b&w pictures are stark and effective.

I can't describe how this art makes me feel, other than it makes me FEEL. like, i feel the story and i feel dean and also FEELS because "can you hear me?" BAUGH

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