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'round came the magpie [art masterpost]

title: 'round came the magpie [lj master post]
author: stolen_childe
artist: thimblings
media: Photoshop CS6
rating (art): PG
warnings: (contain slight spoilers for the story, possibly)

artist note: second in line with my first experience with dcbb! i probably overloaded myself a bit, but i feel proud of what i got out artwise, and i'm proud of my authors too! this story was fun to read and to work on, and stolen_childe was very patient and kind and it was a lovely experience ;;

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Beautiful artwork. The first one looks like it's a book cover! I love the combination of space, text, fire and everyone in the last image. The text is great - I'm guessing that is your freehand writing(?) as it fits with your linework so well. I adore the variation of line width in your lines.

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