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broken things [art masterpost]

Challenge: deancasbigbang
Title: Broken Things [aO3 link]
Author: fandomsandcake
Artist: thimblings
Media: Photoshop CS6
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Artist Notes: It was a joy to read and work on this fic omg ;; due to grad school limitations i wasn't able to get as much done as i wanted, but i'm happy with what i was able to do! it's a fantastic story and well worth the read, not to mention my author was beautiful and wonderful the whole time ;;




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User fandomsandcake referenced to your post from Broken Things saying: [...] art masterpost [...]

Gorgeous artwork, as usual! Your colours are just amazing;;

dsafkjadkglhalkjerawt thank you so muuchh ;;;

These are really stunning! The wings are gorgeous, and the one of them lying in bed is so tender. Great job!

thank you! (: i'm glad that you like them - it was a lot of fun working on them (:

Such gorgeous work! I love the contrast of the imagery you chose for the cover art, am completely enamored of Castiel's wings, and the shadows and light in the last pic just draw out so much of the emotion from that scene so very well.

ahhh! thank you thank you very much! (:


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